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PAK-Environmental will provide you with an all-inclusive recycling program from Ferrous to Non Ferrous metals to Hazardous and non hazardous materials. We are capable of handling all your recycling putting together a plan together specifically for your company. Meeting all state and governmental agencies requirements.


Non-Hazardous Waste

PAK-ENVIRONMENTAL provides Non-Hazardous waste recycling programs that are cost effective and minimize environmental liabilities. One option is a Waste-to-Energy program that minimizes the use of landfills by creating steam through a thermal process which generates electricity and is sold to utility plants. We provide waste characterization, profiling, approvals, sampling (if required) and all DOT shipping documentation. Typical non-hazardous wastes include:

Latex Paints

    Water Based Products

Glues / Adhesives



Oils / Oily Debris


Food Products


Returned/Damaged Consumer Goods

Finished Product/Expired Consumer Goods

Off-Spec Products

Hazardous Waste

Hazardous Waste Recycling Services

PAK-ENVIRONMENTAL has the capabilities to manage the recycling / disposal and transportation of all types of wastes produced by industry. We have a knowledgeable and experienced staff of environmental engineers who can provide waste characterization, profiling and sampling if required. Unlike TSDFs and waste brokers, we provide a variety of waste management solutions to help reduce waste with proven resource recovery and waste minimization programs. We also don’t have any hidden agendas of keeping our trucks operating or TSDF requirements of increasing drum volumes.

PAK-ENVIRONMENTAL appreciates the significant financial, legal, and social responsibility we have of protecting our clients. We therefore utilize a fully audited network of treatment facilities to provide our customers with the most environmentally sound and cost-effective waste management methods available. Types of wastes include:





Environmental Training

Environmental Training

A critical component of environmental compliance is meeting the statutory obligations of employee training.

PAK-ENVIRONMENTAL has an experienced and professionally trained staff that can provide a variety of onsite environmental and safety employee training programs. We customize our courses for your facility and operations. Our courses are interactive and utilize various teaching methods to help maximize employee knowledge retention. Training ranges from raising awareness of the importance of proper environmental management to focusing on employee safety.

PAK-ENVIRONMENTAL understands the importance of having a well trained workforce that knows how to work safely in the environment around them. Minimizing accidents and injuries on the job through training activities not only reduces human suffering, but is good business by lowering workers compensation costs and establishing a more stable workforce. Common training services include:

RCRA Waste Management

DOT Hazardous Materials

DOT Security Plan

Ferrous and Non Ferrous Metals

PAK-ENVIRONMENTAL offers a full service for all your recycling needs. While metal has been historically the main product of our business, we can also assist you with paperboard, cardboard, plastic, and electronics.

Our account executives have the experience and expertise to analyze your recycling needs and can give recommendations to improve your handling efficiencies. This approach decreases your in-plant handling costs to save you money and add to your bottom line.

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